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Staffing Service for all your needs!

Direct Hire Staffing

According to the dictionary recruitment means, “The action of finding new people to join an organization or support a cause”.

We at eZone Staffing LLC handpick the candidates with high intellectual capabilities, who set the pace for the organizations growth and transform their own skill set and quality of life. Our pre-employment screening process sets us apart from other recruiting agencies, so you can trust and be confident in your direct hire decisions. Spell out your direct hiring needs and eZone Staffing will customize an effective solution for you.

  • There is a warranty period to ensure the right fit
  • All placements are tested with our State-of-the-Art evaluations
  • Value-added services of background checks / screening is done to ensure a perfect fit

Contract To Hire Staffing

Our Staffing team work towards understanding our client requirements and candidate’s best interests. When we strike a perfect balance between them we give them an option to move our candidates from contract staffing to permanent staffing. eZone Staffing provides you a creative option to monitor an employee’s performance on-site before making any hiring decision. This is our “try before you buy” option.

  • You may hire the employee once negotiated hours worked are met
  • You ensure that employee is a good fit within your company’s culture and department

Contract Staffing

Organizations follow a common trend of outsourcing functions to manage a massive workforce or cut on cost while giving up on quality.

Thanks to eZone Staffing expertise! We are experts in assisting to improve productivity and maximize our clients cost saving without compromising on quality and time. We bring in world class recruitment and outsourcing solutions that will deliver significant value to your organization.

  • We service a wide range of skill sets
  • Employees go through the same State-of-the-art screening processes as any other employee
  • We help you meet those key production deadlines

Employee leasing

Managing your business is challenging enough without managing a large, temporary workforce. Our Onsite Staffing Solutions remove the burden of managing this workforce from your management and supervisory staff and ensures you get the results you need from your staffing program.

Our recruiting staff has the expertise to work with the talent in the market and help our clients grow. We work with our clients to plan solutions which will reduce their time and effort without compromising on the quality, quantity and productivity. We have tailor made solutions to overcome the traditional employment trend.