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10+ Years of Incredible Business Experience in Staffing & Recruiting solutions

We respect the choice of clients and candidates. But @ eZone we make sure that you make the best choice!  

Extensive Employment

Extensive Employment

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Dedicated Staff

Dedicated Staff

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eZone Staffing

Renovating the world of hiring since 2007!

eZone Staffing LLC headquartered in New York, NY is a staffing and recruiting company. We have been growing at a pace of over 100% every year since inception. We strive to exceed your expectations and provide the best of the best strategic and comprehensive solutions in locating talent, not merely to cut costs, but to gain a competitive edge and focus on core strengths. Acquainted to the fast-changing business environment and customer expectations make us stand out!

Staffing Services

Staffing Services For All Your Needs

We Provide Solutions In Several Types of Employment Relationships

Direct Hire

According to the dictionary recruitment means, The action of finding new people to join an organization or support a cause.

Contract to Hire

Our Staffing team work towards understanding our client requirements and candidate’s best interests.


Organizations follow a common trend of outsourcing functions to manage a massive workforce or cut on cost and giving up on quality.

Employee Leasing

Managing your business is challenging enough without managing a large, temporary workforce.


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    What Our Clients says About eZone.

    eZone Staffing has truly been an extension of us in the recruitment process by educating prospective candidates on our opportunities precisely, along with informing me of each candidate’s motivation and what it eZone Staffing (more…)
    Cliff Walls
    VP of Operations

    “I consider eZone Staffing a member of our team. They care about our success and the future of our employees. I recommend eZone Staffing over any other staffing agency and I have the business statistics to support it!”

    Bill Gross

    “The vetting was significant and the process was quick and GREAT. I would say that your service, in comparison to other Recruiting Firms, is better than others.”

    Bryant Wells

    Partnering with eZone Staffing was one of the best decisions I could have made as VP of Revenue Cycle. The eZone staff worked tirelessly to find and present candidates that were qualified, willing to learn, (more…)

    P. Orion
    VP of Revenue Cycle

    “I am thrilled with my new job and this is largely due to the care taken by eZone Staffing to find me a position which closely matched my skills, personality and the conditions I had described as being my “ideal”. (more…)

    G. Jeff Schwegman
    Director of Operations

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